Policoro and Craco "Ghost Town....full of Life."

Friday half day 8:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Visit to the National Museum of the Siritide in Policoro and on to Craco, whose origins date back to the 8th century B.C. It belonged as a fief to Atendolo Sforza di Cotignola. The village is currently uninhabited due to a landslide that in the 1970s forced the inhabitants

To move to the hamlet of Craco-Peschiera. Tour of the exterior of the Ghost Town from which one can admire the spectacle offered by the Badlands. Its affirmation, which began in 2009, from an abandoned, despoiled and vilified place, thanks to the enhancement of services (MEC Emotional Museum of Craco, Atelier of Art and Cinema, Palazzo della Cultura Cineteatro "Gian Maria Volontè"), today Craco has established itself in national and international media as a location of excellence in the world of cinema, advertising and fashion.

Includes transportation by motor coach, half-day guide in Italian, and Craco exterior tour

To be paid on site admission to museums