Basilicata Experience 4days


Breakfast and departure for Matera, visit to the famous "Sassi ", declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1993, represent an unforgettable landscape, characterized by houses carved into the limestone rock and frescoed rock churches that make it unique in the world. This natural conformation of the Sassi, reminiscent of biblical scenarios, has always made them ideal sets for major films such as Pasolini's " The Gospel according to Matthew " and Mel Gibson's " The Passion of the Christ " .During the walk we will visit : the typically furnished Casa Grotta, an ancient peasant dwelling that illustrates the reality of the book" Christ Stopped at Eboli" , the historic winery, frescoed church of S. Lucia alle Malve, Casa Noha bene FAI Italia. Continuation to the Dragone Company - wine producers in c.da Pietrapenta and lunch -tasting .In the afternoon visit to the " Crypt of Original Sin " , considered the Sistine Chapel of the Rocky Habitat for the valuable frescoes inside dated between the late 8th and early 9th centuries A.D. Alatine National Archaeological Museum. Dinner in a typical restaurant in the Sassi and overnight at the hotel.

Admission: no. 3 admissions € 5 p.p. + € 10 p.p. Crypt of Original Sin + Casa Noha € 6 p.p.


Breakfast at the hotel and departure for Policoro, visit to the National Museum of the Siritide, continuation to the Sanctuary of S. Maria di Anglona, one of the most famous medieval monuments in the region, which according to tradition was founded in the 12th century on the site of the Greek Pandosia. The hill where the Sanctuary is located dominates the entire valley of the Sinni and Agri rivers from a height that offers the possibility of glimpsing evocative and enchanting views. We arrive in Tursi, a small town built by the Goths between the 4th and 5th centuries. The first nucleus of houses appeared on the hill where the tower of Turistico its founder, who gave the town its name, was erected by the Saracens . Visit of the "Rabatana or Arabatana," located on the highest point of the village and tasting lunch at the Borgo Albergo Palazzo dei Poeti . In the afternoon, continuation to Craco-Paese Fantasma: which has become a real ghost town, one of the rare examples in Italy that has been thrilling travelers and numerous directors for several years, who have chosen the Lucanian village to shoot their films: King David by Bruce Beresford-Saving Grace by Tom Conti-La Lupa by Alberto Lattuada-Il Sole anche di notte by paolo and Vittorio Taviani, etc. Return to hotel dinner and overnight stay.

Admission: National Museum of the Siritide € 2.50


Breakfast at hotel and departure for Metapontum, visit to the Tavole Palatine, the name given to the remains of the extra-urban Temple dedicated to Hera, built in Doric style in 530 BC. Visit to the National Archaeological Museum . Continuation to Pisticci the "white city" for its handful of small white houses with red roofs all lined up in long rows that make up the urbanistic rarity of the charming Dirupo district from where you can admire the splendid scenery of the "calanchi," naturalistic clay wonders typical of the Lucanian territory. Tasting lunch at Azienda Agricola Battifarano, wine producers who are members of the Matera DOC. In the afternoon visit to Nova Siri , once Bollita as recalled by the tower of the same name at the point where the oldest nucleus developed. Surrounded by hills and dominated by the silhouettes of the 16th-century Mother Church and Medieval Castle. Return to the hotel for dinner and overnight stay.

Admission: € 2.50 single ticket Archaeological Museum + Castle + Archaeological Park


Departure for the Gallipoli Cognato-Piccole Dolomiti Lucane Park, visit to the nature center: the herb garden, botanical garden and the olfactory shrine. Continue to Castelmezzano , which stands at an altitude of 900 meters, listed among " Italy's most beautiful villages." Visit of the Mother Church, Santa Maria dell'Olmo dating back to 1544, Piazza Emilio Caizzo - natural balcony, the visit continues through the very characteristic alleys until you reach the remains of the Norman Fortress, where you can admire the steps carved into the rock that led to a Norman lookout point, from which the view of the Gulf of Taranto is possible. Above the Lucanian Dolomites, suspended between the peaks of two villages Castelmezzano and Pietrapertosa you can make the Flight of the Angel, safely tied by a special harness and hooked by a steel cable, visitors can experience for a few minutes the thrill of flight. Lunch - tasting at the Beak of the Owl . Free time and return to the hotel for dinner and overnight stay.