Knowledge Tour 2days

Pisticci, Metaponto, Anglona, Tursi

Day 1

Morning - Pisticci

The historic center of Pisticci includes fine palaces and ancient churches. At the entrance to the town is the abbey of S. Maria del Casale in Apulian-Romanesque style, while on the southern offshoots of the town, in the characteristic Dirupo district, considered "One of the Hundred Wonders of Italy," is the church of the Immaculate Conception, already known in the 16th century. In the Terravecchia district, the Mother Church dedicated to Sts. Peter and Paul and the remains of Pisticci Castle, of Norman origin, can be visited.

Afternoon - Archaeological areas and national archaeological museum of metaponto

In the territory of Metapontum it is possible to visit the remains of the ancient Greek city: from the temples to the theater and the agora. The extra-urban temple of the Tavole Palatine, from the 6th century B.C., partially standing on the right side of the lower reaches of the Bradano River, emerges. The National Archaeological Museum in Metapontum preserves numerous artifacts from the Greek city and the indigenous centers of the hinterland.

Day 2

Morning - Anglona

The hill of Anglona rises in a striking landscape dominated by the clay formations of the badlands. On the hill is the splendid medieval basilica dedicated to Our Lady of St. Mary of Anglona, which recalls in its architectural influences and style of interior frescoes the ancient dominations.

Afternoon - Tursi

From the Goths to the Byzantines, from the Arabs to the Lombards and Normans, Tursi shows in the urban layout and architectural features of its historical monuments the signs of a glorious past. In the upper part of the town, called "Rabatana," in reference to the presence of Arabs in the area during the Middle Ages, there are ancient noble palaces and the Church of St. Mary Major.